I’ve never been able to decide whether we are lucky to live in such a digitized age. Of course it’s so much easier to keep in touch; know what’s happening at the other corner of the planet. And yet at what cost? At times it feels like we are so engrossed in presenting ourselves to the world we often tend to believe, that is who we are. I confess even I have been guilty of being that way at some point. And then one day I sat n self reflected; stopped and checked myself to see what was going on.. that is when I realised I have to get over the constant requirement of getting approval from people for what I decide to do or be..I was more busy living a life online, maintaining my so-called image there that I had started ignoring things around me.

Once that realisation struck, I set about repairing the damage already done. I restarted establishing old friendships, people who I actually shared a rapport with. And today, I am glad that I am hardly hooked onto the social media; I’m not saying I’m not a user but my life does not revolve around it anymore.

It has become something so common to see when you go to any place – be it a restaurant or a cinema that there are always some people who seem to be with their smartphones, in their own world, letting the world know where they are or who they are with! Maybe I am slightly “anti-social” there and though I do not deny that it is their personal choice & I have nothing personal against them, what I’ve never been able to fathom is what do you get by posting 24/7? Is it that you need people to approve of what you have been doing? Is it really that necessary?

I could go on and rant and rave about the lessening “live” interaction between people and thus I am probably endangering myself of being called “old-fashioned” or “conservative”. But on a personal level it is a liberating to know that I am not one of them and I don’t care anymore. I am beyond the initial excitement of what social media had to offer. Now I am beginning to think the more social media you are connected and active on, the less social you become in the real world; owing to the less time you have spend being offline!

It sometimes amuses and saddens me to note that people seem to have a short-lived patience these days which extends only to “liking” pictures put up. They do not seem to have time to read articles which are actually pretty good. This again I may be talking about a small portion of the online population but yet you can’t deny this isn’t true.

Where we are headed socially I know not; But right now, it seems to me that the long fictional “machines controlling mankind” theme that we are used to seeing in movies seems very eerily closer to home now!


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