Chaos. Is that word scary or is it just me? I have never been a person who handles chaos very gracefully. Though I am not usually obsessed with things going in order,  I like to plan things in advance and I confess I do get slightly stressed when things don’t go as planned; To a person like me, Chaos is somehow synonymous with ‘disturbance’, ‘noise’ and to exaggerate a little, ‘calamity’ as well.

I’ve always admired people who take in chaos well; who seem indifferent to sudden up turning of things and seem to take delight when the unpredictable happens. I do agree routines  tend to get monotonous over long periods of time  – but if I had the choice I would probably be happily sitting within my own small comfort zone.

This is one way of looking at it.. What else does chaos remind me of? oh, the chaos that sometimes happen at gatherings. When nobody has any idea what is going on. I always find this amusing and most often than not I am one of those sitting in a corner waiting for the commotion to ease and then see what comes off it!

What’s funny is that though I tend to panic in certain situations, the same me would probably complain of boredom if life was all doldrums. Go figure! But yes, I guess a small part of me secretly thinks that a little chaos here and there is not so bad at all! 😉