Jerking awake, Annabelle sat up, for a moment, not knowing  where she is.. then feeling slightly restless she lay down again thinking of the dream she was in which looked uncannily true to life. She had dreamt of him yet again; Though the circumstances were different, it was just as clear as the ones she had from time to time about him and the others.

She knew not why she dreamt of these people – some  who had walked in and out of her life, like changing seasons; others who had passed on and gone; They must’ve been there for a reason she mused. To play the roles they were meant to in her life;

Thinking of those who had walked out or were thrown out from her life, gave her a weird ache in her heart. The kind you have when you miss somebody thinking of all the good times you had with them when they were among the closest to you at one point in time. And then when you think of reaching out to them, these memories are replaced by others; the bad ones – how it ended; it is like the mind reminding the heart of why you threw them out of your life in the first place!

It was not often that she thought of her old mates, in fact with the kind of life she had – juggling between home and work, she hardly had time to sit and ponder about anything or anyone; It was only when these dreams occurred that she got thinking of them again! Even after years,it would all come back to her like things had happened yesterday, as if it was stored in some part of the brain just waiting to come out.

Annabelle had heard people say that when you dream about somebody it meant that they were thinking of you; Though not generally the superstitious kind, she used to wonder if this was actually true; only to dismiss the thought as her emotions getting in the way.

The shrill cry of the morning alarm suddenly broke into her thoughts.. and as she drew away the curtains letting the sunlight flood in, she smiled and quickly started getting dressed; for it was a brand new day and there was lots that needed to be done! 🙂




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