I have always been intrigued by the intricacies of human relationships. It could be of any kind, no specific one do I have in mind when I say this. Are they really that complicated or do we make them that way? Why does something happen to you the way it does? Why do you act the way you do with another person? There are times when you sit and wonder what would have happened if you had chosen to walk down another path instead of the one you chose, or if you had behaved differently with someone instead of the way you did – if your reality is better than wasting time on these thoughts you are lucky.. or else god save you!

Relationships in itself are not complicated. Quite often we make them so..It’s all in our head, right.. What is it that drives people apart? I don’t know.. It could be something ranging from lack of communication to ego issues. We as people crave attention and expect people to give you the same kind of attention you give them. What’s the point of making efforts in a relationship where the other person does not reciprocate at all.. maybe at this stage you should just let go. Don’t force yourself to fall all over them. Let them come to you. At least when you look back you can be happy that you did your bit, that you tried.

Bloated egos can often ruin relationships too. It makes small things seem bigger than they actually are. There may be issues where a simple apology will suffice, and yet your ego stops you from “bending your head” before the other person. It is sad when relationships are spoilt because of petty issues, and yet, what can you do if they aren’t meant to last.

As somebody interested in how people react to different situations, this is one topic I could probably go on penning about.. but I’m off now, to go see if I can find anything else to write about. 😉


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