“You are never too old to learn they say.. yeah right, somethings should be learnt when you are a kid.. saves you the task of learning it as a grown up.”

With these voices waging a war inside my head, finally the day had dawned and there I was standing near the huge swimming pool waiting for the camp to start.

At 25, I was feeling very awkward and nervous amidst the other campers; though it was a mixed bunch of young and old alike.. my only consolation (a mean one at that) being that there were people older than me here. Swimming (or any other sport) and me have never really got along well. Though I love being a spectator to any kind, playing has never really been my forte. Sadly, far from it. Hence the failure to have learnt how to swim when I was younger. These apprehensions and a couple of failed attempts to learn is what had me in jitters on my first day of the camp.

It was to be a one hour session daily for a month. As the classes progressed, I seemed to be doing ok..not as bad as I thought I would be doing. It was not an easy task..but I began to like it.. the hardest part was when we had to attempt jumps and dives at various parts of the pool. More than jumping in, the hardest bit was standing there on the edge of the pool, waiting your turn..oh man..it was like time stopped still and then restarted again after you were done jumping. With the slight acrophobia that I have, It was definitely not my cup of tea standing there n thinking about jumping. Those moments I absolutely detested and yet, since I’d joined I didn’t have much choice now, did I?

And so the days passed… before I knew it, the camp was over and we were given instructions not to try swimming in flowing water till we were decent swimmers. By the end of it I couldn’t claim to be a proper swimmer, but with my history of attempts at taking these classes, I was just proud of myself for completing the camp along with the rest of the campers.

1 year later…

I am still Learning…. I don’t think I’ll ever be a superb swimmer..but atleast I know enough to be able to float around and have fun while in a pool. And now I do agree.. you are never too old to learn something new. Keep trying and you’ll get there!




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