I have never really been used to having pets around at home, what with my parents never being too fond of them. So post-marriage, it was initially slightly weird for me to live with a cat in the house. But as is their nature, she is the “in her own world” minding her own business kind; comes home when she’s hungry or after a long tiring day of roaming around the neighbourhood. Hence it wasn’t that bad. Slowly I started getting used to Billu and she got used to me being around (Her getting used to me is owing to the fact that I started feeding her). And so life went on until Dexter happened to us.

One day, we were going about doing our own thing when we came across this box on our front porch and we heard sounds coming from it. So we peep in and behold! There was this fur ball of a puppy staring back at us looking lost as ever.

Who could’ve resisted this little one

If not for him moving around one could have easily mistaken him for a soft toy. Unable to resist those deep brown eyes, after getting him checked by the vet we decided to keep him for ourselves.. And thus Dexter joined the family.

Now, you know how fussy cats are when it comes to their territory. She was at first puzzled by Dexter’s presence. What with him thinking she’s a playmate and her being disgusted by the puppy’s peppiness. So it was fun watching the two of them. Their encounters usually ended with him getting hit on the nose softly by her and us angrily shooing her away lest she hurt him.

The Cat

The days went by and he grew up. He is about 1.5 years old now.. And hyper active as hell. He’s maintained those puppy dog eyes alright.. just that next to him now Billu looks like a small toy. They still haven’t struck friendship though. Maybe if she was a kitten (instead of a six-year-old grown up snooty cat) and they had grown up together they would have gotten along somehow. We think she seems to have grown fond of him (albeit very slightly) for we have seen them rubbing their noses. And then she hits him and she’s off again! It’s like she can’t make up her mind about her feelings towards him. Just that she doesn’t hiss at him as often as she used to.


Dexter now

It’s funny to see them both..kind of like watching Garfield and Odie live at home. And I’m pretty sure life would’ve been slightly less entertaining for of them without the other around. Unfortunately, till date we haven’t been able to capture the both of them in the same frame. They are just too busy running around to stop and pose for a picture. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch one soon.





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