So, the other day, I was thinking to myself… What a wonderful world (Not really, but that song  just popped into my head when I started off). But seriously, that’s how I have been. I am “musically oriented” if I can call it that. As in, situation specific songs just pop into my head unintentionally. To the extent that I tell myself – No, this situation is too inappropriate for a song to burst out of nowhere.

When I was younger I was more into listening to music than I am now. There used to be certain mood specific songs I had – a list of songs for when I was happy; some for when I was miserable, others for when I was just contemplating and so on and so forth. But as I grew older,  I seem to have lost that kind of dependence I had on music – for earlier, I used to pay so much attention to the lyrics of a song that sometimes it was as if I was searching for answers in a particular one.

Though I still love listening to music, it’s more random now. There is no fixed playlist or even a particular genre or artist anymore. I do not know when the change happened. Now it’s more like I’m indifferent to the songs I hear – as long as they make good listening. And the funny part is sometimes I can’t figure out what I want to listen to.

When I sit and think about it, maybe it’s just another part of changes that happen to you as a person. Changing preferences and priorities and such. To put it more philosophically, it could be that I look at spending my joys and sorrows else-where. Music is not the only thing I listen to anymore.

Isn’t it funny.. even after years later sometimes when you listen to a song, it takes you down memory lane, or gets you thinking about something that happened to you or someone you met. All this hasn’t changed, just how much time I spend listening to music has. This fact used to slightly alarm me initially..but now, like everything else I have just gotten used to it and moved on.

Writing about this has got me wanting to go listen to some song and there’s also a concert tomorrow that I am really looking forward to. Yay!! maybe not  much has changed after all 😉