Childhood – now is this not the most important phase in every person’s life? It can make or break you.. depending on the kind of childhood you have. This is the age where circumstances shape the kind of human being you turn into. Of course, one can argue that it is the teenage years that really shape the way you become..but I was always of the opinion that the base is set right when you are a pre-teen or a small child.

Hasn’t everybody been through that stage where you just can’t wait to “grow up” just so you can have all the “privileges” that grown ups have… from a child’s perspective it seems like a cake walk managing responsibilities. Alas! if only one knew.. and when you are on the other side, you just wish you could have gone back to being a child again!

Aren’t children so much nicer than us grown-ups.. The innocence, positivity that they bring.. if only that wouldn’t fade away.. and yet now the times we live in seem to be as unsafe for them as ever. You see and hear about all cases of Child molestation, abuse and labour – it is really sad. To have that innocence taken away from you – absolutely nobody has the right to do that to a child..and yet as the years go by it just seems to be getting worse. It is really sad to think that this is what we have been reduced to.

Surprisingly, in a lot of cases, you find the perpetrators are the so-called “polished” and educated section of the society. I do not know what it is that drives them to do such a cowardly and lowly act. Children deserve to play, learn new things and do everything else that adults cannot do. They are not meant to work like donkeys or stay in constant fear of someone- known or unknown.

When you think of these blatant issues staring at us it indeed seems like a bleak future that mankind has.. the only ray of sunshine you can sense is when you hear stories of children being rescued. I honestly think every child has a right to get a good life; and I think this in turn will create a better society. And yes, I firmly believe that every small act towards this counts. Though it may seem like just a tiny ripple in the sea, how can we forget -” Little drops of water make the mighty ocean” 🙂






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