Isn’t it funny.. One would think as you grew older and learnt to communicate better, the number of friends you have would increase likewise; but if you reflect on it, as you grow older the number of friends you have seems to reduce – or rather slow down. Of course, you tend to keep old friends but just that you may be cautious when making new ones.

I’m not saying that we stop networking. Human beings are socially dependent… Just that over the years we tend to “proceed with caution” while making new acquaintances. As one grows older, the trust factor while meeting new people reduces.

Let’s pick an example – One’s preferences in choosing a partner would differ at 13 and 30,right?

As you mature, your perceptions lessons make you wiser; apprehensive; skeptical; bolder. The learning develops to cut off people who bring a lot of negativity with them.. to do that as an adult is so much easier than during the teenage years.. There is no peer pressure on you anymore. You realize that choice is yours to make. You gets to be in your life and who doesn’t.

Throughout one’s lifetime you get to see so many types of people. Nice ones ;Horrible ones, Real ones; Fake ones, Those you cannot have enough of; Those you wish had enough of you and so on and so forth. Have you realized the ones you decide to keep around you usually set the tone of your train of thoughts. It is this which creates the environment around you.

The social media age that we live in has created another kind of people – the ones that just cannot keep their lives off the internet. It’s like people living in the same house seem to communicate online instead of directly. And if you read some of the articles circulating online you realize the Internet is practically telling you how to lead your life. Now have we not been getting along just fine without it for so long? So why now?

I agree even I am dependent on the internet for answers.. that is okay. But personally I’m still not sure if the social media is a boon or a bane. Sometimes it feels like it has given everybody a right to comment on everybody and everything else out there!!

So yeah the other day, I realized all those friends I have online. Probably a handful or even lesser than that have I really spoken to in the past few years. Yes I agree it’s a wonderful way to keep in touch and all that but at times doesn’t it slightly sort of make people take things for granted?

As one walks through life, people will come and go.. and some of them you’ll never even know. But all said and done, those who stay no matter what are the ones you will remember. One thing you have to remember though.. It’s a two-way thing so you ought to be that way too 😉