I write because it frees up my mind.
I am one of those who has always been able to communicate better in writing than orally – of course this is with everyone else excluding my few closest people.
I usually observe a lot of what’s  happening around me.. this gets me thinking. Writing about my thoughts helps me get another person’s view of what I think… I have always found this refreshing.

I have always found writing to be a way of venting out my feelings..Both good and bad. This helps me be at peace with myself.  It’s like all extra thoughts are thrown out and only the rest stay.
I guess being an avid reader since childhood also created the urge to write somewhere. At various points in time I have tried maintaining a journal, entering writing competitions in school and such.. All this ended abruptly when I started graduation and work subsequently. After a long break, now I seem to have found my liking again through blogging.
There are times when I miss the old way of writing..the feel of a pen in your end… how the ink flows as your thoughts come out on paper.. but then, maybe the emedia is better…atleast it doesn’t fade out, right.
Over the years, writing has become a part of who I am..atleast now that I have restarted after so long I want to write as much as possible for a long time to come 🙂