A fellow blogger suggested that I should visit the Blogging U. courses because they help and yes it definitely does. So I have taken this twenty day course and today I am supposed to list out the things that I like. This got me thinking about the song “My Favourite Things” from the Sound of Music.

Getting down to the task at hand, so here are some of the things I like (in no specific order) :

  1. Hot Coffee on a cold lazy day
  2. Watching it rain (especially the first summer rain)
  3. That feeling of wind travelling through your hair while you travel
  4. Road-trips : Both short and long ones.
  5. Sitting on the beach looking at the waves rise and fall
  6. Standing in the water letting it tickle your toes
  7. Seeing the rising/setting sun
  8. Gazing at stars in the night sky
  9. Long drives late in the night
  10. A hot water bath after a particularly tiring day
  11. Nothing like some yummy chocolate to cheer you up when you’re having a bad day
  12. A baby holding your tiny finger tightly in his/her palm
  13. Surprising a loved one  / friend- the look on their face is priceless 🙂
  14. Hearing from an old friend / loved ones after a long time
  15. Being appreciated for hard work
  16. The feeling of getting back home after a long holiday
  17. Lazing around with a good book in hand
  18. Movies that have a happy ending
  19. Romantic dinner dates
  20. Sleeping-in late while you’re holidaying
  21. Clicking goofy photographs
  22. Looking at old photographs
  23. Window shopping at malls (though not during every visit)
  24. Friday evenings (definitely not monday mornings)
  25. Learning a new language
  26. Seeing a new place
  27. Reading up old history (as long as I don’t have to give an exam on it)
  28. Drinking water when it’s particularly hot outside
  29. Dressing up (when the occassion calls for it)
  30. The dull thunder that accompanies soft rains (not those loud nasty ones)

So these are some of the things I thought of. Do add the things that you like in the comments below!! 🙂


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