When I hear the word “Choice” I can’t help thinking that it is synonymous or correlated to “Decisions”.  Most of the time you have to decide based on choice you have/ get right – or sometimes you may not have a choice at all!

If you break it down and think about it, look at all the choices you have from morning to-night.. What to have for breakfast; what to wear to work; oh before that, whether you want to go to work all ;p..  and so on and so forth.

So do our choices shape who we are? I’ve always thought so. At various points of life, we are faced with choices..there are times when we have to decide what to do, or what we think needs to be done. There are times when the choices we have may not be easy at all; it is a matter of seconds, what we decide to do in that one minute that could take our life down a totally different path than where it was supposed to go.

To put it slightly more philosophically, I guess even though our fates may be somewhat pre-determined, it our choice that ultimately seals it. I agree this sounds sightly morose..but it need not be. At the end of the day, you cannot go back and change the choices you make.. you can instead  accept it and try to make peace with yourself making the best of what you have.

Do your choices portray your decision-making skills? Could be,right.. I guess your personal traits also determine the choices you make. Choices can either be blessings in disguise, or it could be a double-edged sword; It may not be a luxury that we often have and yet sometimes having it doesn’t feel like a luxury at all!!

To sign off, I thought this quote I read made a lot of sense:

 Freedom of choice is more to be treasured than any possession Earth can give “

– David O. McKay



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