Train stations have been in my list of favourite places for as long as I remember. Look at the picture below for example.. so many people from different walks of life.. in their own world. Where else do you get to see so much life and energy – it is a meeting of various worlds..don’t you think?

The air is filled with emotions – joy, sorrow, hurry, anger, patience, impatience, hunger, thirst, and the list goes on.. that feeling of meeting somebody after a long time – the joy filled hugs of welcome, the heavy hearted hugs of farewell; babies crying; people running – this is the place you see it all.

What fascinates me is the inter linking of lives. It is one of those places that makes you aware of your place in the world. How you are only a small part of something much bigger. You spend time being around people you probably will never cross paths with again. It is that place where the same thing takes a different meaning depending on who’s perspective you take.

A minute may seem to go too slow for a person in a hurry waiting for their train whereas at the same time a minute seems to rush by when you have come to drop off a loved one. This is somewhat like how a coin has two sides. Depends on which side you are looking at it from.

Though I usually do not handle chaos well, I somehow like the hustle-bustle of a train station. It is somewhat calming. Even if you’re just a passive observer, it is refreshing to be a part of the buzzing activity there. Yes I do agree I am painting a slightly exaggerated fancy picture  – but somehow that is how I have always looked at it.

This is one more reason why I like travelling by trains so much. However, when you commute to work, you rarely have the luxury of being observant… yet once you catch a train there is nothing major to do than observe your environment, right?

Being a half introvert, I have never been very good at making small talk with my co-passengers.. but yes, I do sometimes when I am not lost in my own observations keep an ear out for conversations around me.. at times you hear free advice or good stories; but most of the times it’s just random information that ought to be discarded the minute you get off the coach.

Again, trains and train stations portray what life is all about right..something about how people come and go and yet life doesn’t stop.. like they say, after all, it is about the journey..not the destination 😉






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