Have you ever been guilty of whining about your problems forgetting about the rest of the world? Worrying about it so much, you may not even realise how it may not be quite as formidable as it seems. Well I know I have..on multiple occasions. And that is why the tweet below caught my eye when I was browsing through tweets to blog on.

Sometimes, knowing your place in the universe helps. Simply put, being a worry-wart won’t solve the problem by itself right. Calming yourself helps to get a grip on things and when you contemplate, the simplicity of the solution may sometimes surprise you.

Of course, if only all problems had solutions that were that easy; but yes. Every problem has a solution..only the approach may vary. There are times when you may need to sleep on it; and when things are totally beyond your control, you should just let it be – time will take care of it.

To put it philosophically, there are times you need to remind yourself that the world works beyond you and your life..there are bigger things happening out there beyond your imagination. You cannot let these worries get you down.

It helps to be able to keep a larger view of things at all times. Easier said than done yes..but I’ve realised it’s worth giving a shot.

Life is too short to be held down by worries. After all, there is a whole universe out there to be explored 😉



2 thoughts on “When a tweet gets you thinking

  1. I agree! I was watching the doc series ‘Cosmos’ on Netflix a while back, and it made me realise how big the universe is and how small we and our problems are in comparison. It helps putting things in perspective.

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