Placeholder ImageBeing a kid of the early 90s, I was fortunate (or unfortunate) to spend a larger amount of my childhood in the pre Internet era. Times were simpler back then…holidays and leisure time was all about playing games – indoor and outdoor.

One of my favourite memories to look back on is how much time we used to spend writing letters – to family and friends who were out-of-town. It was never looked upon as a task; on the contrary, it was with interest that I would sit and write one. Not just me; it was a popular trend with kids my age back then.

From day-to-day banter to life changing incidents..A letter would consist of all. It would have detailed narration of events including the smallest bits; so as not to miss out on anything.Once the letter was completed, it was sealed with extra care making sure it had enough amount of postage stamps  to reach the destination.

Receiving a letter, or a reply to one was somewhat an event in itself. I guess the feeling was equivalent to the modern-day feeling of receiving an eagerly awaited package ordered online. Ah! but this was a feeling in itself.

I do not know when I stopped writing letters totally. The last few letters I remember exchanging was with my sister after she moved out post marriage. They used to carry all the girl talk that used to otherwise happen personally. I was about thirteen then. Later, a year or so, I was introduced to Yahoo! Mail. It was an odd feeling initially – sitting in front of a pc (the older bigger models) and typing out what you wanted to say. But it was also quite intriguing seeing how faster mails went and how soon you got a reply. And then , before I knew it,  e-mails had finally replaced a long-held habit.

Do I miss writing letters? Sometimes I do.. the feeling of  ink on paper; preserving your loved one’s hand writing is still special. It’s a matter of perspective, but somehow I have felt they are more personal. Maybe soon I should write a letter to somebody –  now that would be fun! just for old times sake 🙂


5 thoughts on “When was the last time you wrote a letter?

  1. Even though I’m born in 2002, I feel like there’s this connection between you and the pen you’re holding rather than just typing things. I still make letters to my friends, during their birthdays or when I have something to say that I can’t say personally. There is this site called where you can send letters to different people from all over the globe. Hope this will help. 🙂

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  2. This was beautiful. I was born in the 70’s so letter writing was quite the thing. I still have some letters I received when I was a kid in a keepsake box. Like you mention, it’s nice to see a loved one’s handwriting preserved on paper. I even enjoy seeing how my handwriting transformed since I was a kid. It was fun and playful. But I’ll have to admit that the excitement I used to get when I saw a letter in the mail back then, is the same one I get when I see an email from a loved one. But this is a reminder that maybe I should teach my kids the beauty of letter writing. I still do so with my aunt for she has refused all types of computer technology.

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