For all you pet owners out there, this is a new thing that I thought of starting on.. Have you ever got the feeling that your pets maybe having a life more eventful than yours? Dogs especially.. now sometimes, they have this look on their face and you tend to wonder what is going on in their mind.. or whether they’re looking at you just blankly. 

Being somebody with a slightly hyper imagination, I have always wondered – Do dog communicate at all? With us? With other dogs? If they do, what do they talk about? for every dog lover, isn’t this quite a nice topic to ponder over! What got me thinking along these lines again recently, is something that happened with our dog couple of days ago.

So, we had a nice family dinner and were heading out to give Dexter (our dog) his food; The scene was every dog owner’s nightmare – the front gate was wide open and dexter was missing. Initially, we hoped that he might be hiding somewhere in the compound itself; but a quick look around confirmed our worst fears – he had run away.Sigh!



At half past ten in the night, two sets of dog hunt started – me and my husband heading out in one direction and my brother-in-law in the other. It was a harrowing one and a half hour drive around the neighbourhood; peeping into all cross-roads and lanes. Considering the fact that he wasn’t too fond of other street dogs ( he basically detested them), and that he was unused to being out on the streets much, we were worried about how he would manage to survive out there!

My my! In the process of looking for Dexter, for the first time in my life, I paid absolute attention to the street dogs – there were all sorts on the road – Tall ones, short ones, big ones & small.. and yet, no sign of Dexter anywhere.. we could not even hear his bark. We went around to all the places we usually took him for a walk and even risked a drive to the vet’s clinic – though he doesn’t like the place much. Yet, we had no luck at all. He was nowhere to be found. Tired and miserable, all of us got back home by half – past eleven. We hoped that maybe he would be back home by dawn.

Next day dawned and he didn’t come back. As time passed by, our worry grew. We were scared he might not be able to find his way back home or worse, that somebody had dog-napped him.

Then, suddenly, we heard my brother-in-law calling out excitedly, and we stepped out to see Dexter standing there. What had transpired was that when he was backing the car to go out, he saw Dexter trotting towards our house slowly and stopping at the store down the road for a quick rest. That is where he was picked up and brought back home. He seemed to be tired but fine; except that he had minor bruises on the back and a slight limp in his right paw. A quick visit to the vet and some anti – rabies shot later, it was confirmed that it was merely a sprain and that he would be fine in a day or two. But boy! I have never seen Dexter that quiet ever. It must’ve been quite a wild night out there!

Now, if only he could talk – I’m sure he would have had tons of stories to share; even the previous night, all the while we were driving around, I could not help but think how nice it would have been if we could get help from the street pooches in finding Dexter

The last two days have been long for us as well as him.. post the nice hot water bath that he had, the way he sighed, and then slept through the day,maybe he was just thinking – nothing better than being back home!





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