India being a country where cricket is given precedence over other sports, it is no surprise that the current trend in Bollywood (Indian equivalent of Hollywood) is bio-pics on Indian cricketers.

It started with a movie on Mohammed Azharuddin, a former cricketer and captain of the Indian team who was famous for a lot of reasons – good and bad. This has been followed by a movie about the current Indian team ODI captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (fondly called as Mahi or MSD). And if rumours are to be believed, the next one is going to be about Sachin Tendulkar (now, how could that be far behind).

Being an avid follower of cricket from my childhood days, both these movies captured my interest. M.S.Dhoni more than the other former, owing to the fact that I am a fan of both the cricketer and the actor portraying his character. So, finally, I got around to watching the movie realized the wait was definitely worth it.

The Real (left) and reel M.S.Dhoni                                                                                                      {Source: Google Images}

Now, even for Bollywood standards, in recent times, this is quite a long movie – 190 minutes; and I was curious to see how they had managed to make it that long. I can’t deny I was slightly apprehensive that maybe it was a tad too long.

The movie started and boy, it manages to capture your attention right from the beginning. You don’t really feel time passing by. It is fascinating to see the story unfold. Now what differentiates this movie from the rest? It is the fact that the portrayal is more realistic than how it’s commonly done. Of course, things may have been tweaked here and there; no one will find out. And yet, the situations he faced from childhood to now, is almost hauntingly real.

The ups and downs he faced – the humble beginnings; the joy of friendship; frustration at being stuck in the doldrums of a dull job; standing up for what you believe in; falling in love; losing a loved one and finally the success – it’s all there.

As the movie progresses, you tend to feel for the lead character, who has done proper justice to his role – after watching it, I cannot imagine any other actor being able to carry it off so well.

The lessons to be learnt from it are the usual. There’s nothing there – the same old proverbial perseverance pays and the rest. And yet, for people like me who think from the heart, it touches you right there where it matters. Gives you goose bumps in a couple of places.

At the end of the movie, I couldn’t help but feel an increased respect towards Mr. Captain cool of the Indian cricket team. For all the Bollywood fans who love cricket as well, this is definitely a must-watch. 🙂



4 thoughts on “For the love of Cricket

  1. I’ve never played cricket but I have watched a few televised games of it. It is a fascinating and fun looking sport. From the way you described the movie, I definitely must add it to my list of movies that I need to watch! Thank you for the review!

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