You know what they say about finding lost things… aren’t there times when you lose something you never hope to find and then lo! It’s right there in front of you. But does it always happen like that? Here’s something that happened to me recently.

About four years ago, I lost my granddad. He had been ailing for sometime and later passed away. A few months went by; and then, my grandmother, felt it was time to give away his possessions (somewhat insensitive of her I thought; but you know, it was her wish after all). She gave us, the grandchildren, a chance to keep some of his stuff. They were petty things – like his glasses, a radio, a walking stick, and what not; small belongings that reminded us of him one way or another. We were asked to pick what we want and the rest would be eventually given off elsewhere.

I picked his glasses – one of a kind they were and I’d be convertible kind. Over the glasses, they had a pair of shades which could be lifted up when they not in use. Oh! How my grand dad used go around wearing them. I like to assume that he was somewhat proud of owning them! I was all happy about getting them for myself. That was, until one fateful day..

Sometime later, I was routinely cleaning my room and threw out unwanted items including a spectacle case among the rest. Days passed by and suddenly one day, When I wanted to see the glass-shades (If I can call it that), It was nowhere to be found. I searched day and night but there was no trace of it at all. Nobody at home had seen it either. Then, I was suddenly horrified when I thought about the disposed spectacle case. Woe is me! I figured it had the glasses in them..that I had thrown them out accidently, and there was no way to get it back.

Sad though I was about it, eventually I stopped thinking about it and moved on. This is until about 2 weeks ago. I had gone back home to help my parents shift things and dispose old articles. There I was, cleaning out my old writing desk – it was full of clutter I hadn’t seen for years together. Suddenly at the bottom, this blue coloured spectacle case caught my eye. With bated breath I opened it. And lo! What do you think was in there? The old glass – shades. There it was, sitting inside. Nobody had a clue how it got there..!I was so happy to have found it I actually walked about wearing it to show it off (not outside of course). It was a happy day indeed!

Funny thing is, the thought of finding them hadn’t even crossed my mind. I’d thought they were lost to me forever. And yet, there they were! I guess what they say is true after all – if you lose something that’s yours, you should just let go. If it’s meant to be with you it’ll find it’s way back somehow! After all, aren’t these small things that often brighten up life!



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