My husband and me were very glad to spend a week in the picturesque towns of Darjeeling and Gangtok. Both these places lay close to each other in the northeast side of India and high up in the mountains. It was just us and nature – away from it all. Sometimes, there is no better feeling than being in the lap of nature to de-stress yourself. One of the things that I loved doing there was witnessing the sun rise at Tiger Hill.

Tiger hill is located about 20 kilometres (around 12 miles) away from Darjeeling. Now, I have visited sun rises before, but that has been nothing like the one we saw here. We reached the spot at around 5 am. At pre-dawn, just before the sun rises in the east, on the west, one gets a glimpse of the mighty Kanchenjunga. Now, that is a sight for sore eyes. So pretty, so serene. And then, slowly, the sun rises – it’s proud and mighty self taking all the time in the world to rise and shine.

Watching this, we felt, were worth almost the hour and a half wait we had to do. It is an experience in itself. No photograph can do justice to the beauty of it . One can only stand there and enjoy it as it occurs. We were not the only ones there. The day being a Sunday, it looked like everyone had gathered there to see it. I suppose this was a favorite spot among tourists and locals alike.

During the wait, with nothing to do, I was idly observing people around me. And the crowd was a diverse one. There were people of all ages. Amidst the eager onlookers were the small-scale vendors – selling everything from steaming hot tea and coffee to the required type of winter accessories. The air was also filled with whining of the impatient lot – who I doubt were dragged there with no other options given; for, they seemed to have neither the interest nor the patience to wait for what was to happen. Their indifference said it all.

The other kinds present were the photography enthusiasts – who I assume had heard about how much material they would get to capture on their visit here. It is a great hobby indeed; for, if not for this kind, how else would the rest of world get to know about this wonderful spot. But, I felt, some of them were so engrossed in trying to capture the shot they failed to appreciate the moment itself. Many a not so nice phrases and swear words could be heard when the photos they shot had turned out to be oh-not-so-nice.


The view on the west pre-dawn (Source:

What were my thoughts when the sun finally came out? I was just happy to be there. Taking it all in, thinking the wait was worth it. For somebody like me who likes witnessing mother nature’s small routines, it was sheer bliss standing there – looking at the sun on one side and the mighty mountains on the other; the comforting yet fascinating feeling of being included as a part of something so big. In other words, I absolutely loved it :-).



6 thoughts on “High up in the hills

  1. Great post!! It mush have been a great trip 🙂
    I agree with you, photography is a great hobby, since it’s the only way for people like me to see the beauty of this planet 😉
    I found your little space in the community pool, so glad I did!! amazing write up!!!keep writing and inspire us….
    Please do visit my blog when time permits, thanks in advance and see you there!

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