Their time had come.

The stage was set; the audience was waiting in anticipation of the next act. Onstage, she looked at no one in particular; fearing that her face would give away the pure terror she felt at that moment. All the hard work and practice came down to this. As she stood there, she could barely feel her limbs. Funnily, it seemed to have frozen. Then, they played the track. It was show-time!

When the intro beats started, she  finally looked up at the audience, focusing on a space on a wall behind them. She looked at her partner once and nodding silently, they started performing. Once the dance started, there was no looking back. It was as if it was just the music and them. The presence of the audience was forgotten; Their cheers muted. She danced like never before. And getting the steps out felt surprisingly good.

Those three minutes were definitely among the longest in her life. When they started the final track, she found a new vigor of energy. She knew it would end soon. And then, before she knew it, it was all over. Bowing gracefully (in her case she did somewhat an awkward half bow). Holding her partner’s hand,for fear that her jelly legs would trip her, they walked off the stage to sit among the rest. It was a moment of relief indeed.

On the outside, she seemed her usual calm self. And yet, for sometime, she was shivering on the inside.  She knew they had done well. Everybody thought so. It was evident from the cheers.  To them, it was just another performance. To her, it was a big thing. Being the centre of attention was against her nature. Coming out of her comfort zone and performing live was a big step indeed. It was one of those times where she felt like patting herself on the back.

After a while, once she calmed herself, she asked her partner how she had performed. He pulled her close, looked deep into her eyes and whispered.. “You did well. Out there, you shined like the brightest star in the sky.” She couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the evening; his statement was like the icing on top of the cake 😉


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