And *pop*! In a jiffy, it was all over.

My brother-in-law cleared his finals and became a CA ( Indian equivalent of CPA) yesterday and it was a proud moment for all of us indeed. Being one myself, it took me down memory lane to the day I had cleared it.

I don’t know how tough CPA is but in India, CA is one of the toughest exams to clear. The syllabus in itself is vast but the amount of luck involved in passing makes it tougher.

So during my time, I managed to clear my 1st level quite easily in the first attempt  and that along with other distractions at the time made me quite complacent when I appeared for my finals the first time. The result was not good.

For somebody who has always been average and above in her academics, failing was a new thing. When I look back, I think it was more an ego hit – especially when the results were otherwise good and you are among the minority who have failed. But in hind sight, it did me good. I would’ve probably been very pompous if I had cleared both levels in the first attempt itself. Failing had humbled me considerably!

Fast forward to my third attempt. By then, I had managed to clear a group and was left with just the other one. In spite of this, I was a ball of wreck on the day the results were expected. They did eventually and there it was. I saw those four letters on the computer screen I was dying to see. P-A-S-S. It was all over. No more exams; no more results; no more waiting for May or  November (the exams were held twice a year).

My initial reaction was absolute numbness and disbelief. And then, the euphoria set in. It was finally over. It was as if the world had become colourful again. I could finally sleep in peace. To me, it was a mission accomplished moment. I promised myself to never forget both feelings..the bitter feeling of failure and the sweet one of success.

When I look back, I think that period helped me build character. It was one of life’s lessons that’s moulded me into who I am today. For me, since I am one of those who’s self-inspired, it was all about telling myself that I could do it. There were good days and bad. The bad days were made better by the support my family extended.

Time moves fast and it’s almost four years since I qualified. And yet, whenever somebody tells me they’re doing  the Chartered Accountancy course I can’t help but gulp within n wish them the very best!!


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