Looking back on my posts, I realized I’ve not written one on who I am. So here goes nothing…

The first thing you will notice about me is how I am smiling all the time. Shy, smiling, soft – spoken, slightly reserved yet helpful. These are the words people often associate with me when they first me. They are true – to a certain extent. These are the qualities that I usually portray when meeting new people. However, things are not as simple as that.

You know what they say about still waters running deep. That is exactly how I am. Beyond the almost indifferent exterior lies a girl full of confidence yet at times the deepest self – doubt. Somebody, who’s various ups and downs, shaped her as a person. While growing up, the lessons learnt have probably made me more skeptical and less naïve than I otherwise would have been. There are times when I observe a lot; yet say a little – opening my thoughts only to those closest to me.

The closest to me is a tiny circle – I do mingle a lot; but my friends are few. I have always been that way. Perhaps over the years this list seems to be getting smaller – with losing some friends while making new ones. One thing I’ve gotten used to is how people come and go – sometimes without staying. That does hurt; but you can’t stop them right..so you have to move on. there is no other way. I can be very possessive about my loved ones – and can be quite fiercely loyal (a little too much sometimes) about something / somebody I truly believe in. There are times when emotions get in the way but this is something I have been working on.

I am a sucker when it comes to matters of the heart. I cannot hold grudges for long. Fortunately or unfortunately, I can never continue hating anybody. I do forgive those who have hurt me; though forgetting them is a different thing. I would’ve done that as well if I could. There are times as well when my mind rules the heart. Sometimes I end up surprising myself. There have been situations when I have walked down the practical route.

The one thing I am proud of myself is how I know I can bounce back from my low points. Time and time again I have proven to myself. It’s okay to fail; to fall; to feel like you have hit rock bottom – as long as there is a voice inside your head to tell you that when you hit rock bottom, the only way you can go is up. This keeps me going. I know even if things get me down, once it’s all over, even if it takes time, nothing can stop me from bouncing back.

Positivity and hope drive me. I have always detested negativity and have always been wary of situations of conflict. As much as possible, I try to avoid situations of confrontation. Of course, this has a flip side being how sometimes instead of talking about it, I hope the problem will solve itself. But oh well, nobody can be perfect right!

In short, I am just an ordinary woman; hard-working; quite a dreamer; my motto in life? Tomorrow’s a brand new day 🙂 




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