It is that time of the year again – Valentine’s day. That day of the year when hearts and balloons block your view; you see a sudden spurt in purchase of greeting cards, bouquets and other little gifts that symbolise expression of love. Love seems to be everywhere!

Lately, I seem to have become more and more of a skeptic when it comes to celebrating the day. My point is, why do you need just one day to tell someone how you feel about them ? As far as I’m concerned, when you are with the person you love, everyday is special! Of course there will be ups and downs..but it is this journey that makes a relationship stronger right!

My opinion was not the same always. Flashback to the teen years – call it being influenced (all those chick-flicks), or just giving into general peer ideologies. But, Valentine’s Day was looked upon as a very special day. It meant looking forward to being “extra” loved, or maybe getting to meet a secret admirer or something like it. The days used to be exciting all right. It was all about anticipation, anxiety, Expectation and curiosity. For us in the single group, the cycle woud repeat year after year. So, what happened to all this? Nothing. I guess, over the years, adulthood kicked in and I grew out of it.

Fast forward to when I met my husband. In one of our Skype video calls, valentines day somehow came up and I was pleasantly surprised when I found out he’s not much of a believer either. This does not mean either of us is unromantic – just that, we think it’s very wrong to have one day a year to gift or express how much we love each other. Gifts should be random. That is what makes it  fun and special. Of course, in all excitement, we did celebrate our first Valentine’s Day post marriage with a candle light dinner – only for it to be ruined by a loud, overly-in-love couple on the next table who thought they must make it everybody else’s business to see them making out. That quickly doused our eagerness to celebrate the day. Now we just stick to checking out all the extra love around us. Especially on social media. Trust me, if you need some amusement it’s fun!

 All said and done, I find no harm in celebrating the day. And now that I’m married and I have a valentine partner all year round, I don’t mind seeing so much love being showered all over the world. I often think – why stick to relating it to only finding the love of your life – why not go back and apologise somebody you hurt in the past? Or patch up with an old friend? That would be quite cool right. At least even if it doesn’t work you would’ve made the effort! Now, that’s some food for thought. Anyway, on that note, Happy Valentine’s day people! May the day and the rest of the year be filled with love and joy! Cheers 😉 


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