Life’s intricacies

Life’s intricacies

Today has been one of those days – where you know a new chapter is opening up in your life and there’s nothing you can do about it except accept it and go along with the flow. It may not be anything big; but still you need time to get used to it. 

Relationships can be so fragile – between siblings; couples; or even friends for that matter. Nothing tests it more than staying together. This can make or break families; it brings out the best in some people while the worst in others.

 Living in a joint family can either be a pleasant dream or an absolute nightmare depending on how the rest of the members are…and sometimes, even when things are going good, you need to separate and live apart to save the future of relationships; for things get complicated when siblings get married and have families of their own.

 One day or another the question of breaking up and living in individual houses will come up; the only question is whether it will happen amicably or after a lot of unpleasantness. It is always better to part ways amicably; for then the relations are saved – and at the end of the day, you have two houses to hang out at right! But, of course, the time when the other family has to move out can be slightly heart breaking. After all, by staying together, so much would’ve been shared with each other.

 So, with all these thoughts going on in my head, I was feeling slightly under the weather. That is when I came across this lovely forward (pic below)



It is neither great nor uncommon. Those are just simple word. And yet, something about it calmed me and I felt it made a lot of sense. I guess, at that point I just needed to be reminded of it. After all, nothing in life is static right. The only thing constant is change. We need to adapt ourselves to be that way as well. That way, we’ll be at peace with ourselves and those around us.



Annual Review time

Annual Review time

It has been close to a year now since I started blogging. Looking back, it has been a year of ups and downs. Initially,my fear was never that I would run out of things to write; it was more about my dedication to the blog. This is owing to the fact that at times, when things get tough, I do have a tendency to drop it then and there.

However, looking back, my fears were unfounded. I seem to have done quite well; though I agree that there’s still a long way to go. I need to start writing much more. Of course, things were pretty crazy all around; but then there is always going to be something happening ..I can’t let that stop me from having my self-time, right!

So here’s to a new beginning of blogging a lot more and being active in the WordPress community! Cheers fellow bloggers!







Home. What is home? What is being at home? One word with so much meaning. For me, home is where my heart is. That place where I can be myself. Let go of all pretenses. It is also being with the people I am most comfortable with. My husband; my closest family; my small circle of friends.

Till date, I have lived in three cities. The city I grew up in, the one where I worked and the one I moved to post-marriage. Each of these cities have shaped a part of me; which has made me who I am today.

The city I grew up in – ‘Kochi’ (in Kerala, India) will always be one of my most favourite place. Going back there is a feeling that can neither be expressed nor spoken. It has to be felt. That feeling is what home means to me. During the drive from the

Glimpses of Kochi {Source: Google Images}

airport to my parent’s house, I keep a look out to see what has changed – There is pride when something has improved and there is sadness when something old is no more. Even today, during my visits, I make a point to visit my old haunts – because it makes me feel whole and rejuvenated. A coastal city, it is practically like an island – if not for the fact that almost at every corner there is a bridge connecting it to the rest of the city. It is a quaint place (well not so quiet and quaint anymore); but the beach and the waterfront place is what makes me fall in love every single time. That was where I grew up. That was where I spent the first twenty – four years of my life. So quite a lot has happened there!


Some views of Chennai {Source: Google Images}

After being at home for so long, I was itching to experience living on my own. And that is how I landed in Chennai (literally – I did catch a flight there after all) in the state of Tamil Nadu, when I got my first job post – qualification. Now, for a girl who’s had a slightly over-protective life, this was a welcoming experience. I do admit it was overwhelming initially; but a small bunch of good friends and fun room mates soon made me feel at home. Plus the city wasn’t totally alien to me. I used to visit my aunt there often. So I pretty much knew what to expect. The one year there taught me lessons too. There were good days and bad. But the icing on the cake was that this is the city where I ended up meeting my future husband for the first time so hey I can’t not like the place, right! 😉


After spending a year-and-a-half in Chennai, here I am in Bengaluru (Karnataka). Marriage brought me to the city I was always fascinated by and where I wanted to settle eventually. In spite of not spending much time here, all the previous short trips I made to the city left me wanting more. It’s been three years now and I’ve managed to know

Bengaluru at a glance {Source: Google Images}

about one side of the city. I may or may not ever know the city fully but yes I love living here. There is a spirit in the city that captures your heart. You can’t help get caught up in the buzz and the positivity. The mix of various cultures make it one of the most popular cosmopolitan hubs in India. And though it hasn’t been too long here, yes this city feels like home.


Personally, I think it is not just a place that makes you feel at home – it is also the company you have. Though I like my alone time, I am not a fan of constantly being alone. In each of the cities, I would not have felt at ease if not for the people I used to be with. Each person has influenced my life. Be it my family or friends. Without each of them, I wouldn’t have been this much at ease with myself. I am sure I would have been a different person altogether. Today, when I think of being at home, the first thought that crosses my mind is being surrounded by each of these people in the city that I love! 🙂


Lets do a Haiku today!

Lets do a Haiku today!


Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. It consists of 3 lines. The first and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. The lines rarely rhyme. In the rare cases they do, the 1st & 3rd line only rhyme.

So, I tried my hand at writing a Haiku and this is what I came up with:

It’s a bright starry night.
Make sure your loved one’s close by.
Sure feels like everything’ s alright.

Like they say you’re never too old to learn anything new right! Till later..cheers!

The Curious Cup of Coffee

The Curious Cup of Coffee

It had been another long day. Stuck in traffic, looking around out of boredom, John was surprised to see a café down the road. He passed through the same way everyday, and yet, he didn’t remember it being there at all. He shrugged, thinking it must have been there all along, and that he had driven down without noticing it. But somehow, his curiosity was piqued and he decided to make a stop to take a small peep.  Read more

When a tweet gets you thinking

When a tweet gets you thinking

Have you ever been guilty of whining about your problems forgetting about the rest of the world? Worrying about it so much, you may not even realise how it may not be quite as formidable as it seems. Well I know I have..on multiple occasions. And that is why the tweet below caught my eye when I was browsing through tweets to blog on.

Sometimes, knowing your place in the universe helps. Simply put, being a worry-wart won’t solve the problem by itself right. Calming yourself helps to get a grip on things and when you contemplate, the simplicity of the solution may sometimes surprise you.

Of course, if only all problems had solutions that were that easy; but yes. Every problem has a solution..only the approach may vary. There are times when you may need to sleep on it; and when things are totally beyond your control, you should just let it be – time will take care of it.

To put it philosophically, there are times you need to remind yourself that the world works beyond you and your life..there are bigger things happening out there beyond your imagination. You cannot let these worries get you down.

It helps to be able to keep a larger view of things at all times. Easier said than done yes..but I’ve realised it’s worth giving a shot.

Life is too short to be held down by worries. After all, there is a whole universe out there to be explored 😉


Make way – give me some space

Make way – give me some space

So my next post as part of my blogging university course is to describe the space where I write. When it comes to writing, I am not really a space specific person; I’m just more mood based. I need to be in the right frame of mind. Most of the times, my room is where I plonk down and type away.

Located just opposite the 2nd floor stairway, it is a medium-sized room. The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in is our four-poster bed. I love this is a cosy bed with a heightened mattress that shapes itself to the person sleeping on it J . This pretty much occupies the middle portion of the room.

There walls are pretty much plain without too many knickknacks. The wall behind the door of the room is a space reserved for hanging photographs. It is a joint project me and my husband are working on and still work in progress. The other major furniture room is a dressing table cum chest of drawers and a huge table-cum-cabinet.

Opposite the bed is a small corridor which leads to the wash room and our main wardrobes. Our room is lit by two sets of windows on either walls. It looks out to the balcony on one side and the next door house on the other

So this is where I mostly sit and blog. Somehow I like the feeling in the room – the quietness with the occasional breeze coming in through the window. After all, this is the place where most of my blogging ideas come to me!

PS: Here’s a little task. I’ve attached my Contact Form below.. Please drop your ideas about what  topics I can write future posts on. Thanks & Cheers!!





Quotable Quote

“Sometimes we love with nothing more than hope. Sometimes we cry with everything except tears. In the end that’s all there is. Love & its duty, sorrow & its truth. In the end that’s all we have – to hold on tight until the dawn.”

– Gregory David Roberts (Shantaram)

Shantaram is among my favourite books. I like how simply it’s been written. Based on his own story, it revolves around various aspects of the author’s life – the people; relationships; the environment and such. 

As part of my BU course, I had to pick a quote to blog on – and this was the first one that came into my mind.. very rarely do quotes get to me.. I have never been one to hold on to statements from the books I read. But somehow, this one I couldn’t throw out from my mind. The minute I read these lines, I knew somewhere I had fallen in love with it

Every time I re-read the quote, something stirs in me.It is neither happiness nor sadness, but something calming about the way it’s been put. 

The statement is so profound; yet so simple at the same time. Haven’t most of us at some point in time, when we were at our lowest, clung onto hope like it was the only thing left? maybe that’s what helped us sail through to better times. And yet to somebody who has had a less turbulent life it may come across as morbid.  However, I guess these emotions at the end of the day, make us human..and the fact that I am one of those think-with-your-heart type persons, no wonder it hit me right there.

This is the second time that I am reading the book..I don’t quite remember the quote from the first time owing to the fact that my first read was way 7-8 years ago and that’s enough time to go through quite a lot!oh boy!

All in all this is another reason added to why I like the book so all my fellow book-lovers go read this one..its definitely worth a read and more 🙂




Life’s a Journey…

Life’s a Journey…

Train stations have been in my list of favourite places for as long as I remember. Look at the picture below for example.. so many people from different walks of life.. in their own world. Where else do you get to see so much life and energy – it is a meeting of various worlds..don’t you think?

The air is filled with emotions – joy, sorrow, hurry, anger, patience, impatience, hunger, thirst, and the list goes on.. that feeling of meeting somebody after a long time – the joy filled hugs of welcome, the heavy hearted hugs of farewell; babies crying; people running – this is the place you see it all.

Read more